Spiritual Warfare – Revelation of a New Age Deception

This book is written for people of the new-age as well as for Christian desiring to understand the new-age mind.

This is a personal account of my life story. I am exposing here the main ideas, belief system and intricacies making up the new-age philosophy which is rapidly becoming a new world religion. I am offering this book online free of charge because I believe in our Lord’s command of : “freely ye received, freely give”, Matthews 10:08.

This first edition is a work in progress, there are more chapters coming. I feel this information is so critical I want to make it available now, before its full completion. If you check back later, there will be more information added. I invite everyone of you reading this book to send me your comments, ideas, suggestions and sharing of your own experience of the new-age. The second edition will include the input I have received from you. You may post comments on any of the chapters.

If you are a person of the new-age reading these lines, I want to tell you this book finding its way into your computer is not coincidental. I pray God will give you : ”Ears that hear and eyes that see” Proverbs 20:12

And I pray the Lord will pour His generous Spirit of truth and revelation unto you so that you may find liberation from the clutches of the new-age and realize true salvation.

If you are a christian reading these lines, I want you to know I have also written this book for you. I believe there will be a large number of people of the new-age coming to Christ. I pray this book will give you the basic knowledge and understanding of the new-age mind so that you will be well prepared and equipped to fight the “spiritual warfare”.

I dedicate this book to our Lord Jesus Christ with a feeling of profound gratitude in my heart. Lord you have saved me from the deception of the new-age, and you have given me the inspiration to share my trials with my brothers and sisters.

I expressed here my gratitude to the dear sister who corrected and edited the book. She wishes to remained anonymous and in her own words : “ prefer to have her reward in heaven”…..!

You are welcome to copy, print, distribute and pass this book around as much as you want. I only ask that you keep its full content in its integrity.

Scriptures are taken from the American Standard Version (ASV) of the Holy Bible because of its faithfulness to the ancient manuscripts and Bible Numerics.

God bless you all and may the Lord be with you.

Philippe Besnard

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5 Responses to Spiritual Warfare – Revelation of a New Age Deception

  1. Guinevere says:

    Greetings and Blessings upon you, Mr. Besnard –
    I have read your e-book as posted online and found it . . . well, a validation of that which I, myself, have come to believe. I will attempt to be brief. I am 55 years old. Until 11/06 I was a plain, unflavored Lutheran divorcee, disabled, living alone in poverty. I knew exactly Zilch about New Age belief systems, considering them flaky, fringe-y, Shirley Maclaine goofiness. My simple faith sufficed me, and have (for whatever it is worth) a “genius” I.Q. “God” was somewhere – out THERE – and there were Angels living in His Realm. End of Investigation – the rest was unknowable and unknown, save what the Bible reveals to us. I attended Bible Study once per week – was quite devout – still am. On November 9th, 2006. a Spirit appeared to me in the form of a man I have LONG admired, a man of ancient history and enduring legend. I was completely shocked, utterly deceived, and learned how to be a medium SOLELY to speak with this “Soul” I believed to be the Spirit of this person. I knew absolutely nada about Reincarnation at the time, could not have defined it for you, found it a repulsive concept. Never heard of all those traditions/healing modalities/New Age/New Earth/ New Thought belief systems which for 30 years you learned and practiced most intimately. Well, I searched everywhere for information, so excited was I to see a “Spirit From Heaven.” Ignorant, naive, trusting, ill, isolated, abandoned and alone, desperately lonely, depressed – the perfect dupe. I promised to keep this short – so email me if you’d like information. In essence I saturated myself in New Age lore, but due to poverty and illness, could not join Spiritual groups, or train properly as a medium, or associate with New Age believers in any form or fashion. I fully accepted the “real truth” – and was as shocked as Edgar Cayce was (he was once a Sunday School Teacher) and read every book, article, website, NDE testimony, Past Life Regression testimonies/books (Weiss, Newton, Cannon), learned to go out of body, etc., etc. – just as you report of your own experiences. My Kundalini was activated by Spirits – a horrifying and explosive fire snake of energy which indeed “nearly ripped my head clean off” and felt independent of my own reason and determination, and after this “energy” was stimulated I was used as a “gas station” (as I term it) for numerous dark entities who are (according to what I believe were at least sympathetic good spirits), ” . . . starving in a cold Maine winter. Don’t build a fire in a cold Maine winter or the Devil will come and it your food.” Food = frequencies. I read Lynn Grabhorn’s book “Dear God! What’s Happening To Us? Ending Eons of Manipulation,” and her story closely mirrors my own. You might also gain some insights from Dr. Kay Turner’s “Masquerade of Angels” (and others) which is a free download, as well. “Spirit Guides” are often E.T. (I suspect they all are, to be honest) and not benevolent ones. I was led into/seduced into allowing an event so terror-filled, sadistic and pain-wracked, under the belief (often touted on New Age sites) that I was having my “etheric body upgraded” so they could mint out a New Young, Perfected Me, then to be joined to my “Twin Soul” in the New Earth and of course, this Twin Soul was the famous man of antiquity. I am an intelligent woman, but ill, nearly bedridden and deeply depressed. That is my only defense – and i am embarrassed to tell my tale, because it renders me as a complete FOOL and shame-faced stupid. These lower vibrational Beings know exactly what will attract “victims” for their medical experiments, studies, and preparations for raising Kundalini, the powerful energy to be “eaten” by God Alone Knows how many dark entities/beings in need of such energy. I am not claiming to be an Alien Abductee – it is my firm belief, after nearly four years, that the Being you call Lucifer and his highly technically skilled legions can create any image they like, and Near Death Experiences and Alien Abductions ALL fall under that category. I became suspicious when the frequent Kundalini experiences did NOT raise my consciousness, awareness or advance me spiritually, and that NDErs claim Jesus did not die on the cross, and clients in Past Life regression report that Reincarnation is real and that everyone goes back to “source God” no matter what they have done and so on – Jesus is no one Special, just another Ascended Master. More pointedly, I noted most NDErs and persons in Past Life regression INSIST there is no “Devil, Satan or Hell.” That is very amusing, in a sick sort of way, because Satan HIMSELF tricked me into summoning him and made NO secret of who he was. I have spoken with him a number of times. He told me HIS story, or what little of it he was willing to share. THAT is the (THE) most powerful Being I have ever spoken to as a medium, the most fantastically brilliant mind with which I have ever interacted. He did NOT deny his identity – he made it plain. He is extremely seductive, and it is up to you if you wish to hear of those experiences or not. I came to believe all New Age, all NDE and Alien Abduction experiences are fabricated, since they insist he does not exist. He EXISTS. I had NO doubt to whom I was speaking. I’ve been an active medium for four years – I’ve met every sort of Spirit imaginable and some beyond the imagination. His clever craftiness and military strategy awes me, I admit to that. Endless Spirits warned me repeatedly NOT to talk to him. I receive message dreams which are like little videos, downloads which in no way could be misperceived as “dreams.” Ultimately I came to the same conclusions you did, but by a different path. I am fortunate I was not killed in one of those “experiments” – it was a close call and to this day I still cannot speak of what I “allowed” in order to become young, healthy and lovely again and joined to my “Hero.” What an idiot I was! Of course, he was never my husband and 99% of the promises made to me were false – nothing happened as I was told it would happen, as MANY New Agers still continue to believe will occur. SOMETHING is happening on this planet, and it is a very spiritually active time, for certain. And Satan exists, period. I stopped mediumship and all other psychic activities two days ago. I shall salute him as “god of this world,” for he can only be. Perhaps you might like to read David Icke’s “Children of the Matrix” because I suspect he is very close to the truth, except even HE denies Christ ever lived. There is much truth in all of our stories and interpretations of our experiences. Btw, after Satan appeared to ME, I even engaged a High Priestess of Satanism to find out if others of her “faith” had ever seen him. We have ALL seen the Same Being. I’m a novice painter, so I tried to paint our first Interaction. He’s remarkable, and I am not sure “evil” is the proper word for him. I think he is just, well, himself. And very likely what Icke claims is true, he is trying to hold onto this planet for reasons of survival of HIS people, plain and simple. I believe he IS a Genetic Engineer, and Scientist, etc. Have you read The Book of Enki? Any more info you desire, I will share with you. I am writing my own story during NaNoWriMo next month – you’re welcome to read it if you like. But you are a better Witness, in my opinion – with your vast and varied background in the New Age movement. He almost got me, Sir, and you know what? He never asked me to worship him, or give him anything, or sell my Soul to him – nothing. It’s what sort of Entities one gets once one is talking TO him, bands upon bands of “Ghost Dogs” most of whom are hilarious, and many of which seem to despise humanity and loved to torment me with nasty, sadistic “spirit contact dreams.”. I learned to be telepathic easily. A benevolent Being told me he is aghast Satan did not kill me. I cannot answer as to why he did not. He told himself, “Because you believe me (in his sorcery skills and other abilities) you are the one I will never hurt.” That is a true miracle; if David Icke is to be believed, Satan and Satanists are guilty of appalling murders, sacrifices, child abduction and torture, etc., because those Fourth Density “demons” NEED human blood and flesh to eat, to help maintain a DNA overcoat of a 3D human body so they CAN walk the Earth in disguise. They walk among us, to put it bluntly. You are incredibly brave, Sir. Satanas does NOT like people such as yourself. Be careful. I could never even have apprehended, nor imagined such things could have happened to a middle-aged, crazy cat lady artist in Baltimore City, MD. However they DID happen, and here I am to bear witness to it all. Unless I use a “Spiritual Warfare” prayer every night, I will get Spirit contact messages, still. Love, Guinevere

    • pilgrim777 says:

      Dear Phillipe,

      Greetings once again, Brother in Christ!

      I must tell you that a worker in a Maryland Energy Assistance Office gave me a copy of her Spiritual Warfare prayers, and once I began to say them each day and each evening, the Beings who were “tormenting” me with these “studies and experiments” immediately vanished! Then I knew I’d been taken in by negative entities, bent on harming, if not killing me!

      I’m So blindly naive I really thought, “Oh, Angels from Heaven will never harm me!”

      After four years I also noted that *every word* Christ spoke was TRUE. I had experienced it all myself! There is FAITH, and that is marvelous, but as one Sufi poet once said, “If you have not lived it, it isn’t true.”

      Now I KNOW he spoke Truth, so I have no choice but to accept that there is a Day of Reckoning and a New Heaven and New Earth as He promised.

      Satan gave me his name in Hebrew (I think): “Call me: al-Qarnayn al-Hatan al-Satan.” In the Old Testament, the ancient Jews thought and spoke of him as “Ha’Satan” – a sort of prosecuting attorney FOR God. I cannot say. Christ says otherwise.

      It means, “I am the Horned One, The Hated, The Adversary.”

      I have had experiences which will be challenging to reveal and describe for my readers, so frightful and awful were they – so inane was I to believe what I was told. This pursuit is really going to pain me emotionally, please pray for me that I tell it straight, fairly and without bias.

      As you will read (I will post my work for all to peruse, and you may certainly publish it yourself on your page) – I was even approached by a living, human MAN who I suspect was Satan in the flesh, if you will. That encounter was so ODD I drove home and told my Church Lady Friends about it at once. I have never forgotten him, nor what he said to me – and this was a year before the Index Spirit Visitation. I have heard that voice since, many times. NO person has that Abyss voice, flat, LOUD, without emotion . . . no one else except perhaps Clint Eastwood but darker, deeper, LOUDER and more commanding.

      Satan never uses profanity, he just issues orders in that terse, high octane tone. I had never presumed God permitted this Intersection with him as you suggest – now I believe you are possibly correct, for he never caused me injury. My Interactions with him were OB and Astral, also pronounced message “dreams” in the Alpha state. Again, no mistaking that voice.

      I think this is Marduk, Amun-Ra, Noloch, the Horned God of the Pagans, etc.

      Btw, I asked him what he had against Christ and he answered me, “Because God is in every man. Jesus was not God.” So much for David Icke and those who believe Jesus was not a historical figure, a true living man! Even the Devil admits to him – indeed, they met, as you know.

      I admit to being a peculiar artistic gal. Even Spirits are afraid of Satan and exclaimed, “Guinevere, you are a strange lady!” Well, Phillipe, I had nothing left to live FOR – and I’ve a bit of Jack Sparrow in me, “Heyyyy, thaaaaat’s interesting!”

      Imagine all those New Agers ardently raising their Kundalini deliberately, meditating for that purpose, not realizing that Negative Beings are no doubt consuming it – as Lynn Grabhorn rightly says, “We all gotta eat.”

      Ach, he is devilishly clever. I cannot lie and say I hate or resent him. I cannot. He treated me well and answered my questions and did not deny anything. One kind Guardian type Soul said, “Guinevere, this is like Hannibal LECTOR and Clarise!”

      Yes, it is. I don’t believe he would ever hurt me and I believe he is a superb genetic engineer and scientist. You should read the stories out there – read David Icke’s book!

      In a way, he’s too priceless a Being to destroy, but I leave all things to our Maker and Redeemer. I have let go and let God now. I need to forgive myself, though. Man, he is tricksy, tricksy, as I like to say.

      Indeed, your writing is engaging, cogent and clear and your cred impeccable. Again, I say beware – he can be ruthless to those who oppose him. Thankfully, you can just say, “Get lost” and he HAS to leave you alone. Like I mentioned he TRICKED me (cleverly) into asking for him. I still have to laugh at my ignorance!

      You have truly helped me begin to recover, regain my sense of Self, and integrate my experiences in a healthy manner, (Lord, is that possible???) and hopefully incorporate them into a book which will serve as a warning, from a True Believer who has met The Devil (Spirits do call him The Devil) and lived to tell the tale!

      In Grace and Peace,

      The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.

  2. LK says:

    thank you for sharing your book. it is amazing and great. it is the clearest and best account of the new age I’ve read to date so far. thank you for lighting a clearer path for those seeking to understand. thanks to you and others who have written on this topic, I have avoided getting too involved in the new age and have directed my life towards Christ.

  3. Kimberly Schena says:

    Dear Mr Besnard- I am so happy to have stumbled upon your book. I had been praying about whether practicing yoga was harmful…and God gave me a definitive answer!!! I look forward to reading the whole book. Thank you so much for sharing your journey. I hope you still check this website for messages.

    God Bless You,

    P.S. Guinevere- I also read your messages and hope you are doing well. I’d love to get an update. God bless you!!!

  4. Elohisa says:

    Dear Philippe, please forgive me for glympsing at your book and quickly coming to reply. It took me about 3 seconds to realise that everything you wrote is TRUTH! what told me so was the awakened perception that comes from residing in the mind of Christ. I know this journey so well that I did not have to read your story fully to ‘know it’. After 28 years of deception and darkness I was placed in the place of choice to be redeemed fully or to remain deceived. The day I hit the deepest and darkest place from which there seemed to be no return I proceeded to employ all of the methods the techniques, the mantras, the affirmations, the breath works, and literally the ‘lot’ that I had picked up along 28 years of walking the path of deception. It was at that moment that something extraordinary happened ‘NOTHING WORKED’ and I mean NOTHING!!! it was not until I totally surrendered in despair one day and I called upon Jesus to help me.I was curled up in my bed and I felt I literally going to DIE! and DIE fortunately I did! He promptly appeared to me one evening in the most unusual of places a Restaurant whilst I was dining on my own. I remember I was in the deepest sorrow that night as my life was crumbling before my very eyes.I was filled with disbelief, sorrow, grief and every possible dark emotion under the sun. I was even suicidal for some time. but Praise Jesus and our Lord God they kept me from executing Satan’s evil plot. The vision was so clear as he sat in the chair before me, I bowed my head once I recognised his Face and I said to HE “Lord I am not worthy to sit at your table” and HE prompted me (before I even finished my sentence) “You are worth to sit at my table” then I felt my hand lift and pick up a spoon of rice HE placed it in my plate and said to me THIS IS THE FATHER then he picked another spoon and said THIS IS THE SON and then a third spoon THIS IS THE HOLY SPIRIT – NOW EAT! As tears were falling down in my plate both in pain and gratitude for what I was experiencing much to the oblivious gaze of the other patrons in the restaurant, I with my eyes still gazing down asked HIM ” Jesus why this and why now” and HE replied clearly ‘BECAUSE YOU HAD TO COME TO ME” and I said what is this about why are YOU here? and he replied “I HAVE COME TO TAKE THE THORNS OUT OF YOUR HEART. Needless to say the past 10 months have been the most accelerated days of my existence, and whilst the other 28 years where an exhilareted journey to self exaltation this has been a devoted walk with Christ in watching HIM dismantle every thought, emotion, lie, deception, and basically ‘garbage’ that was placed on my territory by Satan and his plotting allies. It has been a walk that seemed a descending journey that now I realise was necessary to take me from Self exaltation to HUMILITY! I cry tears of gratitude every time I think about the mercy and compassion of our LORD and I like a child am now daily walking with the MASTER and our FATHER GOD who are ever so gracious ever so patient and ever so much more loving than anything or anyone or any system that I was initially seduced into. I will be devoting time to reading your recount of devotion to CHRIST for surely HIS hand inspired you to write it so I owe it to my LORD that I honour also the hand that wrote it. Brother we are ONE in CHRIST our LORD KING and REDEEMER. GLORY GLORY GLORY TO GOD! May HIS KINGDOM COME AND THY WILL BE DONE ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN. Thank you so much Brother in Christ.

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