Table of contents

1- Introduction

2- Is darkness real and is it a sovereign force?

3- The new-age movement

4- I love God with all my heart

5- Is the bible the word of God?

6- The origin of the New-Age

7- Spiritual evolution and the evolution of species

8- Ascension and Enlightenment

9- North America, birth place of the modern New-Age movement

10- I was a successful past life therapist

11- My kundalini experience

12- Kundalini- The alchemy of destruction

13- The dark vortexes of Chakras

14- Acupuncture, Meridians, Yin and Yang

15- The Astral world is the Second Heaven

16- Alpha state is a vacant state

17- The Greatest Spiritual Deception

18- Kabbalah, mother of all darkness

19- Light worker, Starborns, Starseeds, Starpeople

20- ET-UFO-Aliens are Fallen angels 

21- Drunvalo Melchizedek Sacred Geometry Pseudo Science

22- The worship of Nature and the revival of Native spirituality

23- Are we a god in the making?

24- The spiritual stretch of Yoga

25- The Torments of my meditation

26- Healing and Miracle

27- Dalai Lama, prince of peace?

28-Mayan calender and 2012

29- Freemasonry is truly the worship of Lucifer

30-History repeat itself

31- Maitreya, the counterfeit Messiah is coming

32- My daughter in a Waldorf school.

33- Encounter with 12th century Gnostic French Cathar

34- Renaissance

35- A True Believer who has met The Devil

36- Living among Wolves

37- Transitioning from the New Age

38- The Promiscuous Goddess

39- Unspoken Lies of the Green Gospel 

40- The seal of God or the Mark of the Beast?

41- The Pineal, the Holy Spirit and the 144.000

42- Will the Antichrist expose the New World Order? 

Appendix 1

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