10-I was a successful past life therapist

In my work as a professional massage therapist, I yearned to find ways to help people heal physical, emotional and psychological disorders. I have given Tarot card readings, as well as spiritual counselling. I worked on the energy body, the aura and the Chakras in practising energy healing. Eventually over the years, I developed a bodywork therapy I called “SomaClear” that was specifically designed to help heal physical, emotional, and psychological traumas. I became known in my career many years ago as a past life therapist. I was an ardent believer of spiritual evolution and reincarnation. I had so many clients experiencing dramatic, vivid images and flashbacks of past lives on my massage table, how could I not be convinced of its reality? I had been trained to work trigger points in the oldest layer part of the brain, which, interestingly and by no coincidence, is called the “reptilian brain”.

One day a Jewish lady came for a session. As the bodywork progressed, she suddenly started describing a scene unfolding in her inner sight. She found herself as a young girl walking to her death with her family into a gas chamber somewhere in Nazi Germany. The scene she was witnessing was so horrendous and terrifying, she was overwhelmed and was left in a state of intense turmoil and confusion. I was so deeply troubled with this experience that I seriously questioned such a practice, completely stopped focusing on past lives and eventually dropped the belief completely.

Later, I understood the power of the dark to broadcast images and movies, much like a laser beam, into one’s consciousness, and its ability to make a person feel as if it is their own memory. This same ability of the Dark is also used in creating ghost images out of real people who have died, giving the illusion that these ghosts are dead people manifesting in the spirit.

I eventually realized that reincarnation is a lie perpetrated by the dark forces to support the theory of spiritual evolution. The concept of karma is closely associated with reincarnation. Karma is essentially the law of cause and effect. The belief in karma teaches that the deeds (good or bad) of one’s past lives affect this present life. In other words, the law of sowing and reaping is not limited to this present life but rather continues throughout eternity.

In much of the Orient, this strict belief in karma has resulted in a hopeless, pessimistic view of life. Their lives are seen as dreary, endless cycles of suffering and rebirth. Because of this endless chain of karma, reincarnation does not resolve the problem of evil, but simply points toward the impossible goal of perfection and self-salvation, which is seen as the ultimate freedom from reincarnation.

Of course the belief that we can improve, save ourselves and become enlighted through our own work and efforts is discounting the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross and is rejecting God’s offering for our salvation and eternal life. The typical new age belief that there are many paths leading to God, also denies the redemption of our Saviour Jesus. 

I would like to point out, Scripture tells us clearly we only die once: And as it is appointed for men to die once, but after this the judgment, Hebrews 09:27

New Agers teach that the early church taught reincarnation until the sixth century when it was suppressed at a church council. Even a superficial reading of the writings of the Church Fathers would show that they believe in resurrection, not reincarnation.

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4 Responses to 10-I was a successful past life therapist

  1. Bonnie says:

    I know of or have participated in a lot of the things you are talking about before coming to UBM, but what about these movies or images in the mind?

    • pilgrim777 says:

      Dear Bonnie
      Once we know these movies and images are fabricated and manufactured by the force of darkness, we know they are not real. Much like a movie playing on a screen, these images broadcast in the mind can only affect us if we believe it is real. If they have no reality outside of our belief system, we can just discard it and it will cease to exist. What is left of this experience is the demonic presence responsible for creating it, and if that presence is felt as lingering in us , we simply cast it out in the name of Jesus. Amen !

  2. Mariel says:

    I participated in a few past life recalls, and had at least one vivid experience, but I never believed it was real. For some reason, I could not believe it. I guess i knew what the
    imagination could do. Anyway, it seemed negative to me that we would keep living lives in which usually we had no recall of the past lives…this meant we had forgotton most of
    what we were. It also meant that those we loved in this life, as our spouses, were going
    to be forgotten in a next life. I prefer to think I will rejoin my husband in Heaven, and rejoin others. I pray that many I care for will be there in Heaven with me. Some are not
    yet officially Christian, but they are moving toward Christ, in my estimation, and are certainly not the wicked “rich men of the earth” who dominate our world more and more. I believe Christ lives in the hearts of some who have not yet identified Him by name; this may not be a kosher belief but it accords with God’s justice and His mercy.
    it does not mean “all religions” lead to God.

  3. scaggs1984@yahoo.com says:

    In response to the dark being able to “broadcast images into ones consciousness like a laser beam”, I have alot of personal experience with this as a former clairvoyant who could see auras, chakras, etc. I say former because I finally realized this was demonic deception and that I didnt really have the ability to see these fabricated things.

    I was able to see these things because these spirits were inside my body. After some observation I have come to the conclusion that the only way they are able to make us see things is by directly plugging into the brain. So, if someone is seeing things (or getting psychic perceptions, hearing voices, etc) there is a spirit either possessing them (as in my case) or in the least hovering near them and plugging into their brain.

    I really think this is an important thing to realize because it is very common and these people are being tormented in various ways. The only thing that got rid of them for me was to command them out in Jesus name repeatedly for several months.

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