12- Kundalini- The alchemy of destruction

Kundalini comes from the Sanskrit Kund, “ to burn”. People experiencing Kundalini are literally getting fried and it is often followed by years of depression. One author write: ”For in my experience after a full-on six month kundalini peak it takes about five years to recover.”

All the hormones are amplified during a kundalini awakenings. Increased sex and growth hormone levels are responsible for the addictive feeling of bliss and ecstasy. This “physical rapture” which is also the basis for the practice of Tantric sex is a physical orgasm and has nothing to do with the spiritual. It is a poor counterfeit of the true spiritual union with God.

Now this I say, brethren, that flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God; neither doth corruption inherit incorruption. 1 Corinthians 15:50

Some of the conditions for the initiation of kundalini appear to be: Hyperactivation of the thyroid and parathyroids. Hyperactivation of estrogen and testosterone.

Hyperactivation of the sympathetic nervous system (adrenaline, norepinephrine). Hyperactivation of the stress hormones (corticosteroids eg: cortisol, DHEA) Hyperactivation of opiate systems (endorphins, enkephalins, anandamide, phenylethylamine).

All the practices design to open entrance of the dark Kundalini spirit in the body such as Yoga, pranayama (breathing exercise), meditation, mantra chanting, etc, are in fact weakening the natural defences of the individual to guard against such an invasion.

The upheaval of Kundalini is a very specific and unique chemistry, that uses every facet of human biology, stressing the entire being. This difficult traumatic process amplifies metabolism and nerve activity, and increase hormonal secretion. It is described as necessary changes in the transformation of our organism “into a higher spiritual level” beyond the normal-human function. But the truth is Kundalini is an overwhelming cataclysmic bio-energetic phenomena burning out the nervous system and weakening the soul to resist invasion of demonic spirits. We are told this is good because it is “ rewiring the nervous system”. Our nervous system is a perfect creation of God and doesn’t need to be upgraded or rewired. ( please see chapter 14)

The lives of “initiate”, spiritual seekers who are opening themselves to the Kundalini force are severely damaged. They invariably crash and burn, becoming a burden to themselves and others. Indian guru Muktananda complained that he feared he would not be able to look after himself after he had experienced samadhi (Kundalini episode) a couple of times. The Guru ashram system is designed to insures those that are completely lost to kundalini, will be looked after.

Kundalini quicken and amplifies all body function. It dramatically alter and stresses in negative ways the nervous system, metabolism, hormones and all facets of the bio-physics and chemistry of the human body. We are told the body must be allowed to move through the debilitating symptoms of Kundalini in order to transcend physical limitation and experience higher spiritual consciousness. What is actually happening during a kundalini peak is an hyperactivation of all systems in the body eventually resulting in complete exhaustion and depression once the high has receded. This weakened vulnerable state opens a doorway into the counterfeit paradise of the astral world, the Kingdom of Lucifer.

This tragic deception has been called an “awakening”, “a spiritual acceleration”, a “ physical spiritualization of the body”, a “transmutation”, a “metamorphosis” or a “spiritual birth “. We are taught to relax into allowing the dissolution of our former self and let the alchemy of Kundalini take over our being. No doubt when we allow this alchemy to take place, we are taken over as is so candidly stated by this author:

“To this day I find myself trying to get a handle on that Shakti (Kundalini) and make it mine. But I can’t possess it–I can only be possessed by it.” Joseph Chilton Pearce, The Biology of Transcendence, 87.

Texe Marrs wrote, “These feelings, voiced by so many who have received a Luciferic Initiation, are significant. They point to two inescapable facts: (1) The initiate recognizes that he is coming into close contact with dark, evil forces, and a spirit of fear engulfs him; and (2) after the initiation, his mind is patently altered. This is what New Agers call the Kundalini or Skaktipat experience, technically termed a Paradigm (World-view) Shift.” (Mystery Mark of the New Age, p.39).

Manifestations of Kundalini

The most common manifestations of Kundalini include uncontrollable, unmotivated and unnatural laughter, roaring, barking, hissing, crying, shaking, imitating a variety of animal sounds and movements, in other words, being drunk in the spirit. Some devotees become mute or unconscious. Many feel themselves being infused with feelings of great joy, peace, love and connection with spirit, while others have their clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities opened.

Rushes of Kundalini energy express as difficulty to control behaviour, with people often emitting various involuntary sounds, and bodies moving in strange and unexpected patterns. Looking more closely at what is happening in the Christian community, and more specifically at some of the Charismatic Revival movements, I am discovering that the supernatural occurrences in some of those churches, such as with the “holy laughter”, are displaying the same symptoms and phenomena as in Kundalini.

I recognize there is two ways the Kundalini manifest. The first one, the most common is frequently witness in many false revival spirit groups such as in the Toronto/Brownsville/Lakeland revival. The counterfeit Holy Spirit moves into the body and share the “space” with the individual. I believe this to be the work of a lesser demon because the person is present and the consciousness is only partially taken over while the body is in some case almost completely taken over. I have often witnessed this form of kundalini awakening in Indian ashrams when the guru place his hand on the devotee’s head to impart the spirit and what follows is sometime very spectacular. I have seen my own friends collapsing on the floor convulsing,  jerking and shaking, completely out of control.



The other Kundalini manifestation is more dangerous and permanently alter the life of the person experiencing it. In this case the force of the Kundalini takes you out of your body and your soul travel to the astral world /second heaven.

Because the body is left behind empty as a shell and you are not there anymore to prevent and resist invasion, a more powerful demon completely takes over and usually comes with a specific purpose. His mission is to use this incarnation opportunity to teach and spread the false doctrine of Lucifer.

The soul comes back into the body to discover his home has been taken over and has no choice but to become a slave in His own kingdom. I believe this is what happened to Indian gurus and so call new-age spiritual master who had an “enlightenment experience” and come back with their personality changed to a point that their family and loves one don’t recognize them.

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6 Responses to 12- Kundalini- The alchemy of destruction

  1. inalley says:

    I too was involved in this type of behavior, but never knew the origin. We just refered to it as being delivered, or “overcoming” this or that. Rejection, pride, fear, unbelief…the manifestations you described above were a result of the Holy Spirit delivering us from whatever had us bound, so we thought. We went through periods of “wailing”, especially the women, and we were told this was a form of intercessory prayer. The laughter didn’t last very long, and eventually, we “sobered” up, to a certain degree, but the group (I no longer belong) still to this day is involved in these activities. I see now where much of this was just learned behavior. Yes, Jesus did cast out devils. I do believe that God is able to deliver us when we use our faith and resist the enemy until he flees. But much of what goes in the “church” in Jesus’s name is a farce and an insult to His mighty power, which raised Him from the dead.

  2. Mariel says:

    In my case I had these symptoms: intense heat throughout the body. Inability to sleep for more than 15 minutes a night, and that was done sitting up, as I did not want to
    disturb husband’s sleep. Hearing music (good music from three classical composers)
    over and over in my head. Pain in stomach prevented me from eating much and I lost
    weight rapidly, over a pound a day for a while; I could eat only white food, in small amounts, and this part of my experience was like G opi Krishna’s. My husband brought
    me organic white food from the health store; I could not leave the house and was agoraphobic. Somewhat spastic, couldn’t walk too well, but this was probably my
    underlying disease coming through due to starvation, which is a cause of attacks of
    Porphyria; also the stomach pain was due to porphyria, but it was unlike anything I
    had ever had with porphyria before. The kundalini manifestation brought on a porphyria attack, which became chronic over months. I finally had to be hospitalized and in the hospital I again became able to eat and the diarrhea stopped.

    I did not give up on the New Age at this point, but gave up all meditative practices,
    and followed the instructions of Swami Satchidananda and a western teacher on how
    to end the kundalini manifestations. The western group showed me how to ground
    myself so I would not feel like floating, and this was an amazing improvement. I give
    credit to these teachers, even though they are not Christian, for helping me and others
    recover from kundalini crisis, and I had some things I learned on my own from books
    from the Far East on how to “ground.” Most important of these was how to undo the
    breathing practices of Yoga with other “reverse” practices; very very effective. I practiced this for a few weeks, perhaps a couple of months, and all manifestations
    finally ceased. Breathing practices are powerful. At this time I did not know I also
    had Porphyria—no medical help. Medicine denies the reality of Kundalini and does not know very well how to treat Porphyria.

  3. Liz48 says:

    There is a grave danger to the blanket position taken that any “manifestation” that does not accord with the reasonable perception of one individual is kundalini.

    satan is found to imitate The Lord in many situations. Many of s are aware that there are false tongues but we know that there are tongues directed by the Holy Spirit. There is worship of darkness just as there is worship directed to the One True God.

    I am from a country that had a lot of demon worship, and I strongly believe that this new fad of terming ALL laughter or movements that are unusual is demonic. It is a devise to keep people bound as I have seen people set free as they have laughed or cried or fallen under the power of the Lord. THE MAIN TEST; THE ONLY TEST GIVEN BY THE LORD IS TO CHECK THE FRUITS.

    If you read Isaiah 30, the Word refers to teaching my arms to war and slaying my enemies with the breath of my mouth. Psalm 2 refers to the Lord laughing at His enemies. If the Lord speaks through us when we speak in tongues; Romans 8:26; can He not laugh at His enemies (our enemies) through us? In the book of Acts when The Lord Jesus spoke to Saul (later Paul) on the road to Damascus, He asked, Paul why do you persecute ME, even though Paul was persecuting the Christians!

    We submit to the Father as Sons who love Him with all we are and have. We know we are in Him just as the Lord Jesus said we are in John 17. He is the Head; we are the Body. You do not see a Head away from the rest of the Body. This is also related tot the mystery Paul spoke of when he compared the oneness of a man and woman in marriage as our oneness with The Lord.

    We walk in the authority and power of Sons of the Living God; one in the True Vine; with the FRUITS of the Good Shepherd. Read Philipians 2:5 -6, 1John 4:17, Hebrews 2:11, Isaiah 9:6 and Isaiah 56: 5.

  4. Liz48 says:

    As a follow up to my last post; the fruits of the Holy Spirit such as love, joy, peace, faith (in the Lord and His Word), patience (long-suffering) etc. are often not seen in many people who operate in the power. I agree that Todd Bentley’s situation is a good example. If you do some research, there was evidence of the lack of The Lord’s character in Todd’s situation and ministry long before it blew up.

    If we go before the Lord with pure hearts to serve Him; He will show us, what is of Him and what is not. He is our Teacher and He is our Father. If He told us that; He will honor His Word to be the Teacher and Father we look to for guidance, protection and help.

  5. @ Liz48:

    As you said, the slaying, which leads to falling is a form of judgment, usually on HIS enemies, but also on his rebellious children.

    There is just NO evidence of that falling being a sign of the Holy Spirit. It is not in the book. If you find it, please let me know.

    People fall willingly, as an act of worship.

    Or they are struck by daemons, which are of course God’s executive ministers and tormentors, to apply the curse, which is the recompense for transgressions.

    Paul did not even allow tongues in the assembly, if there was no interpretation.

    I am coming against the modern circus of manifestations and against anybody labeling them as harmless or claiming them to be evidence of the Holy Spirit.

    As you rightly said, we have to check for fruits.

    But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness gentleness, self control; against :such there is no law. (Gal 5:22-23)

    This standard shall be my “reasonable perception” monitor.

    Kundalini, I cast you out in the name of Jesus!

    You have to go!

    Now concerning the spirituals, brethren, I would not have you ignorant. Ye know that as nations ye were led away unto those dumb :idols, howsoever ye might be led. Wherefore I make known to you, that no one speaking by God’s Spirit saith, Jesus is anathema; and no one can say, Jesus is Lord, but by the Holy Spirit. Now there are diversities of gifts, but the same Spirit. And there are diversities of ministrations, and the same Lord. And there are diversities of workings, but the same God, who worketh all the things in all. But to each is given the manifestation of the Spirit to :profit. For to one is given through the Spirit a word of wisdom; and to another a word of knowledge, according to the same Spirit: to another faith, in the same Spirit; and to another gifts of healings, in the one Spirit; and to another workings of powers; and to another prophecy; and to another discernings of spirits: to another kinds of tongues; and to another interpretation of tongues; but all these worketh the one and the same Spirit, dividing to each severally even as he willeth. For even as the body is one, and hath many members, and all the members of the body, being many, are one body; so also the Christ. For in one Spirit also were we all baptized into one body, whether Jews or Greeks, whether bond or free; and were all made to drink of one Spirit. (1Co 12:1-13)

    Notice: The spirit of laughter is not mentioned, nor the spirit of jerking, nor the spirit of hissing, nor the spirit of shaking, nor the spirit of barking, nor the spirit of yelling, nor the spirit of falling, nor the spirit of drunkenness, nor the spirit of paralysis, nor the spirit of silliness …

    You get the point.

    Know ye not that who run in a racecourse run all, but one receiveth the prize? So run ye that ye may apprehend. And every one that striveth in games exerciseth self-control in all things. Now they do it therefore to receive a corruptible crown; but we an incorruptible. I accordingly so run, as not uncertainly; so fight I, as not beating air: but I bruise my :body, and bring it into bondage: lest by any means, after that I have preached to others, I myself should be disapproved. (1Co 9:24-27)

    And by the way: This defilement is the reason, why I left the charismatic movement. I was slain “in the spirit”, which is struck by daemons and shortly after I was admitted to a mental institution. I have first hand experience.

    Thank you for reading!


  6. kelli says:

    Oh…thank GOD for his love and truth. We are in a spiritual battle…so strong is the spiritual battle
    that there is a counterfeit enlightenment experience…that deceives people into believing they are closer to GOD
    when Jesus is the only way …..

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