9-North America, birth place of the modern New-Age movement

The North American continent is the birthplace of the modern New Age movement, and when I immigrated to Canada from France I felt in awe of what I saw as the vibrant “new spirituality” of this wild land. In comparison, I thought France and old Europe were still living in the Middle Ages. France is now catching up with the New Age but, for many years, has been very slow to emerge. As part of my new identity adapting to a new culture and learning English, I became a true product of the New Age. I was eager to embrace the lifestyle, social and spiritual trends of my adoptive country.

For thirty years I have earnestly followed New Age teaching, traveled to workshops, conferences, seminars, training sessions and festivals, met many of its teachers, and was personally taught by some of them. I have received countless readings from channelers, psychics, astrologers, palm readers, and Tarot card readers. I received spiritual healings from healers of all faiths and denominations, and even so-called “DNA activation” from A “Spiritual Scientist”. “Give no regard to mediums and familiar spirits; do not seek after them, to be defiled by them: I am the Lord your God.” (Leviticus 19:31)

I have embraced the mystic path and the contemplative lifestyle. I have practiced yoga and meditation for many years, sat in Darshan to receive the blessings of gurus, and participated in Satsang, chanting the names of Hindu Deities and Buddhist mantras. I facilitated devotional evenings with my guitar, chanting Sanskrit mantras, the music of which I had composed. I traveled to India twice and other countries in the Far East seeking “truth, wisdom, enlightenment, and good karma”. I have been in the company of, and received teachings from, a number of swamis, gurus, yogis, lamas and so-called “enlightened” Western spiritual teachers. As a nature lover, I have worshipped Nature, called the earth Gaia, followed and believed in various native teachings and Shamanism. My space at home was cluttered with New-Age paraphernalia on the walls, tables, and corners. In the garden, I had crystals, posters, images and statues of Buddha and Hindu deities.

The New Age is a melting pot made of practically every religious and occult philosophy found in the world. It is a strange convergence of mysticism, holism, pantheism, aboriginal animism, humanism, Luciferian Western occultism with Freemasonry, Theosophy, Rosicrucianism, modern Masonic witchcraft (called Wicca), the Illuminati, apostate Christianity, Gnosticism, Islam, Taoism, Buddhism, Zen, Sufism and Hinduism.

The New Age is a broad movement characterized by alternative approaches to traditional Western culture, with an interest in Druidism, shamanism, neo-paganism, Voodoo, exploration of human sexuality, environmentalism, modern-day occultism, worship of “Mother” Earth, psychic healing and extraterrestrial phenomena. Most of the ancient origin of the New Age is to be found in classical Hinduism, Buddhism and pagan Babylonian religions. So, despite the name “New” Age, we are dealing here with a very ancient system.

Paganism is a people or a community observing a polytheistic religion, which is the worship of many gods, as opposed to monotheism, the worship of One Almighty God, the Creator of All that is. A Pagan is also call an irreligious, heathen, gentile, or hedonistic person. The Christian, Jew, and Muslim, all have in common the same Omnipotent, Omniscient God of the Bible: the God of Abraham. Abraham’s son Isaac is the seed that started Judaism and later Christianity, and Isaac’s half-brother Ishmael is the seed that started Islam.

The great New-Age plan is dedicated to the unification of all races, religions and creeds. This plan is claiming to establish a “new order of things”, it is to make all things new – a new nation, a new race, a new civilization and a new non-sectarian one world religion that has already been recognized by the United Nations. This New Age globalism movement advocates a one-world government, a one-world religion, and a one-world economy; and this would mean the destruction of the sovereignty of nations and religions. New Age teachers are using standard texts of Eastern religions such as the Hindu Baghavad-Gita and the Tibetan Book of Dead, as well as writings of Jewish mysticism called Kabbala and those gnostic scriptures often called the Apocrypha.

Over the years, I became more and more confused in studying such “new revelations” as the Urantia book, the Keys of Enoch ( Academy for Future Science ), A Course in Miracles, Elizabeth Clare Prophet (of The Church Universal and Triumphant), Findhorn Foundation, Rudolf Steiner (Anthroposophy ), Edgar Cayce, Law of One, Aquarian gospel of Jesus Christ, Heindel Max (the Rosicrucian cosmo-conception-Mystic Christianity) the Gnostic gospels.

There is a lack of uniformity in the doctrines of the New Age. The beliefs of New Agers vary from group-to-group and person-to-person. Thus, it is difficult to have a clear definition and a solid understanding of what the New Age really is. I believe this confusion has been created on purpose. It is very hard to pinpoint, identify and shoot the enemy when it is moving constantly, shape-shifting, or invisible.

People entering these movements are generally concerned with having an experience, and not necessarily with finding the truth. Their actions are determined by feelings, not intellect. The emphasis is on “practising and becoming god” and this is why meditation and many other techniques that teach “stillness of the mind” and a “receptive feeling mode” are promoted. We are told to “follow our bliss”, “go with the flow”, “let loose”, to “transcend the limitation of the mind” and to “experience the pleasure and the ecstasy of the body”. Using your mind to discriminate and discern has become a taboo.

The principal of “spiritual vibration” is the belief that all things vibrate at some frequency. The ultimate goal of all New-Age practices is for humanity to vibrate at the same frequency so that we can all become one, spiritually and mentally. “We are all one”, this most repeated New-Age catchphrase, wants us to believe the unity of all things, heaven and earth, spirit and matter, the invisible and the visible worlds, the great melting pot of Darkness, Light and everything in between.

This “All is ONE”, “all is good”, “don’t worry, be happy”, “don’t judge” and “be in the moment” is a disastrous recipe that generates apathy and complacency. It is creating a generation of self-seeking, egoistical people who are indifferent to iniquity and the suffering of others.

I have been a dedicated student of this school of thought and I have practised being fully in my body, opening all “the inner channels” and feeling “the subtle currents”. I was proud of “feeling and being” but I was a total fool…! I had lost common sense and the ability to discern and discriminate good from evil. I didn’t want to judge anything or anybody for the fear of being unloving, and spiritually not-evolved. What a perfect brainwashed and a diabolical device to enslave, control people and turn them into powerless puppets! I was loosing my God-given right to discriminate and I didn’t realize that judging is necessary for preserving the integrity of my soul. I used to confuse judging with condemning, and I know this confusion had been fostered on purpose.

Then I discovered I can judge a situation or someone without condemning and feel love and compassion toward all the parties involved. This was a very liberating and empowering realization. Of course, our human judgment is flawed and imperfect, but as we draw closer to God, we learn true Divine Justice.

As a professional massage therapist since 1983, I had been living and working in many famous New-Age facilities, such as The Mecca of Healing & Retreat centres and Spiritual Communities in California, Hawaii, Arizona, New Mexico and the west coast of British Columbia. I have been surrounded with New-Age speakers, teachers and healers, as well as countless fellow-followers, people of all age groups and social status who were seeking the Truth and not finding it.

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One Response to 9-North America, birth place of the modern New-Age movement

  1. inalley says:

    Thank God for his mercy. Once we experience our road to Damascus we can do what Paul did and count it all dung to win Christ. Some of us have more dung to leave behind than others, but good will prevail over evil in the end when we set our hearts on God… Grace abounds !

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