2-Is darkness real and is it a sovereign force?

The beginning of the story starts with a question I have been asking myself over the years: “And what about God?”

I often wonder how God is seeing me, seeing us, seeing the world. I often cry out to Him, asking, “Why, God? Why is there so much pain and suffering everywhere on this beautiful planet? Why is there so much injustice, poverty and violence?”

Do you have the feeling, as I and many others do, that something ominous is about to happen and that we are only seeing the beginning of a momentous transformation? It seems with each day the world is spiralling down into greater chaos, deception and destruction. I know a lot of us choose to look at the positive and ignore the increasingly rapid deterioration of our civilization, but refusing to see that anything serious is happening, denying that we, as a human race, are in deep trouble is not going to change it, resolve it, or make it go away. No, in fact, denying is not seeing, and if we don’t see, we are blind and hopeless to change anything.

Because of my willingness to honestly acknowledge and recognize the darkness pervading our world, I have been more readily able to recognize this darkness is also within myself. I realized I can only change anything in the world or within myself when I am fully aware of what is truly happening.

I have heard many times people saying “The dark only exists when you believe in it. If you believe in the devil, in darkness, you are giving it power but if you focus on the light, the dark has no place to be.” I tried that belief on, wearing it for some time, but darkness was still here. This belief crippled my ability to discriminate evil from good. Is not believing in darkness preventing darkness from manifesting? Is the world such a paradise that there is no darkness to be seen anywhere? How can anyone believe this?

Lucifer is the father of lies, and he has been working out his best lies for centuries, in anticipation of the showdown that we are about to experience in these end time. Satan’s greatest deception is to convince us that he doesn’t exist. It is true evil is a manifestation of our own sinful inclinations but unfortunately, evil is far, far more than that.

Despite what a lot of people think, there really is a Devil. He really hates you, and he is doing everything in his power to destroy you trying to get you to stay away from the pure light of the Word. This is why the truth will always be hard to see, and hard to understand.

It is only through faith in our Lord and Savior and the direction of the Holy Spirit through the Word of God that we have any hope of escaping the deceptive work of Satan. He is a true artist at deception. No one and nothing is better at deceiving you, than Satan.

Just as everything that the Bible says about God is true, so is what the Bible says about Satan. And, Satan wishes to destroy and defile everything that is good and precious.

How hard it is to get our head around the idea of something or someone so evil, well it is for me anyway and even the most remote paradisiacal Pacific island has murder, thief, violence, greed, etc.

In my twenties I lived on Boraccai, a remote Philippines paradise island, for five months. I was living in a bamboo hut on the beach with no electricity, no running water or any modern amenities. Life was so gentle and simple, I felt surely I had found the garden of Eden. One morning I heard that a man had been murdered the previous night. There had been some drinking and a fight with knife broke out. I was deeply shaken to the core, as was most of the tiny population of the island. My innocent naivety that the world is a safe place was completely shattered. In that one moment I become aware of the pervading presence of the dark.

The light” is such a broad, impersonal concept when it is not mentioned as an attribute of God. In fact, many of us embrace the concept of “the light” standing all by itself as a sovereign, impersonal, beneficial force that is replacing the Name of God. Few people know the dark is quite capable and is a master at parading and appearing as the “light”.

For such men are false apostles, deceitful workers, fashioning themselves into apostles of Christ. 14 And no marvel; for even Satan fashioneth himself into an angel of light. 15 It is no great thing therefore if his ministers also fashion themselves as ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.” 2 corinthians 11:13

There is the assumption prevalent in New-Age circles that the light needs the presence of the dark to exist. We are told that within the fabric of the universe there is built in an eternal polarity that makes the light of God not being able to exist without the darkness of Lucifer. This is a clever but absurd concept invented, of course, by the dark to deceive people into accepting Lucifer as a legitimate, purposeful and even beneficial force. The Chinese representation of Yin and Yang has elevated this fallen polarization of Light and dark into an absolute Divine attribute.

The great paradox is this: that Lucifer is, indeed, purposeful, not as an independent sovereign entity but as a force that God uses for His own plan.

 Satan is allowed to exist by God for His Sovereign purpose and actually needs God’s approval and permission to continue to exist. On the other hand, God obviously exists outside of this fallen, polarized world and has no need whatsoever of anything or anybody outside of Himself. There is no darkness in the Kingdom of God, not even anything that remotely resemble darkness. And this is the message which we have heard from him and announce unto you, that God is light, and in him is no darkness at all. 1 John 1:5

If there is no darkness in the Kingdom of God, then surely this planet, which has been corrupted with darkness since the beginning of time, is not the Kingdom of God. Jesus confirmed that fact by saying: My kingdom is not of this world: John 18:36

Of course this doesn’t mean God is not present or removed from His creation but I wondered why God allows darkness to be here.

Please be patient with me as I attempt to offer my understanding based on the fruit of my life experiences and the teachings found in the bible.

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2 Responses to 2-Is darkness real and is it a sovereign force?

  1. Mariel says:

    Hello! I have had a similar journey. I even wrote a book about escaping
    from the New Age and getting over a kundalini experience, but it was
    not published–almost published, but resisted by top New Age people who
    had influence. Today, if I were publishing it, I would do as you have, putting
    it online. I never wrote it to make money, anyway.

  2. Edwin J. says:

    Dear Philippe:

    You, sir, are very insightful. This came by the Holy Spirit. No wisdom, as you know, can come from man, as we are corrupt from the beginning, even in the womb. The seed of sin and darkness lies within us, as Jesus has said. I vaguely encounter anyone who has a more full understanding of what light and darkness truly are; you give me hope, as I know that you have obtained your wisdom and knowledge from YHWH, asking for it in the name of Jesus Christ. And He does give it, does He not? So many have this vague, insipid conception of what the two are, but when someone like you smacks the nailhead, the Spirit tells me, “Philippe is speaking truth.” It’s the same truth that the Spirit has given me as well. Holy Spirit, when He works in believers, preaches the same message through all hearts. You are right in your convictions. If I may, I would like to elaborate more on what the Spirit has said to me through the Word.

    Darkness is no force in and of itself; however, with it, arises a natural opposition to the things of light (YHWH), creating so much of a problem, that it has become synonymous with being an active paradigm for living one’s life or is perceived as being somehow coequal with light. This is wrong, and we know this, Philippe. Does it not say in Scripture that Lucifer, when he was created, was perfect? And then it progresses to say, “until darkness was found in you.” This is paramount, Philippe. Herein lies the answer to your question. Darkness was FOUND in him…

    This prompts another question, a question of will. I will develop my thoughts in the form of a scenario, thus:

    God exists for untold eons, self-existent, self-sufficient. He has given no record, that we know of, to elaborate on time-eternal of the past. He tells us in all truth, that He has no beginning, and He knows of no end. None can defeat Him, and we know nothing of His past. It seems that the angels came first, and man was created later on the Earth.

    When He finally decides to create, He does it well. He makes no automatons, giving all intelligible life, free will. He says in Himself, “What is love, if not given freely from the heart? Man and angel, alike, will decide for themselves if they love me. However, I know that in giving them a choice, there will be consequences. Those that are intended for me, will turn against me. If I make them, only as holy, their love has no value. However, if I give them a choice, they will know what it means to truly be loved, and so will I. I refuse to make them prisoners of themselves, so, they will decide; and, they will fail. I foresee this thing to come. Lucifer, oh Lucifer! What is this thing that you will do to yourself, your fellow angel, and the man, who I will make in my image?
    For the man, a sacrifice will be provided through my Christ. He will come to you, sons and daughters of men, so that you may live. You will fall prey to the lies of he, who will be a son to me; Lucifer, you will make yourself my enemy. Your vanity will be your undoing, and pride will cause your destruction. Nevertheless, man, you whom I will make like unto my image, you will be redeemed by your faith. A horrible sacrifice must be made, so that you may have a chance to be free from what is to come. I know, precious ones, made of dust, that you will fall. It is not fair that I should make you, only so you will be destroyed by your moment of weakness. Darkness will seize you, and it will corrupt your kind completely; therefore, I must intercede on your behalf, and I will give you my only begotten Son. This is just. This is right. You will be shown mercy, as I love you, sons of earth. You are only in my mind’s eye, as of yet, but I see you as you will be! Your freedom will be your undoing, but it will establish sons and daughters for my kingdom, redeemed by sacrifice and great mercy. You, order of man, will know grace. It will be given freely to you! I will hold nothing back from you.

    Darkness and sin will be born of will. It is inevitable. I know this. There is none like me, and there will never be any like me. In perfection, all will be made. Choice will open the door for darkness. There will be war in Heaven, and there will be a great fall. Many of my angels will remain by my side, and I will make sure they never succumb to temptation. They will have their redemption, when they decide whom they will serve. I will preserve them in holiness from that day forward. Consequently, the others must be expelled from My kingdom. Lucifer, my son… You will be among them. My enemy, my ‘satan’, you will become! It will be as it will be, and you will have begun this tragedy! It will rest upon your shoulders! Great darkness will enter because of you, Lucifer. You will corrupt the goodness in every living thing on the Earth. Life, as all will know it, will be darkened in understanding, and even death will enter!”

    Philippe, this is what I am reminded of, when I consider what it means to have free will. I equate sin with the darkness that it brings. Sin, as you know, is the perversion of the original intent of holiness. Holiness is intrinsic to YHWH. The act of love, in giving us free will, opened the door to the alternative… darkness. It is the ‘void’, perversion, inevitable chaos, and the undoing of order. Many in the new-age movement give it credibility as an individual power, but it has no power in the presence of YHWH and the light that emanates from Him. In a way, its relationship to living things is synergistic. Darkness must first have a living being, created from the orderliness of God, to corrupt it. God makes nothing in corruption. Rather, corruption seized hold of Lucifer, because He made an alternative choice to the design of God. It spirals downward from there. The only reason why man is born corrupt, after the creation of Adam and Eve, is because the darkness is passed from the earthly father to the children, as Scripture says. Both Adam and Eve fell prey to the choosing of an ‘alternative’, not knowing what it would bring. Of course, Satan already knew how things would progress on the Earth after man made his choice.

    In conclusion, there would be no darkness, had God not ever given any of the creation a choice, but with true love comes a choice for those involved. Obviously, darkness and sin wither in the light and holiness of God’s presence. All affected by darkness feel their inadequacies in the presence of truth and order. Living beings cringe at the fact of what they know they are, in the light of what God is. Interestingly enough, however, given enough time, if a creature doesn’t want redemption, the darkness becomes so consuming that it fosters rebellion. Satan is quite happy with the choice he made, I believe. God said that Satan was a murderer and a liar from the beginning. Apparently, he had it quite badly in his soul, once he started to consider how gloriously he had been made… He took his eyes off of God, and he placed them on himself. Darkness is a tool. You’re right, Philippe. It’s nothing more than an invasion of order and the light of God in man, and we must not forget its power! Darkness is here not as a result of God’s design; He never made it. There is no darkness in our God. It’s really not surprising how evil came about, when we consider that it is rooted in the ability to serve one’s self, by the standard of whatever ‘new’ rules we deem as being righteous by OUR standard.

    In finality, we must consider the physical implications that evil has on all life. I believe death is a curse of God on us, used as a scourge to keep us from living for too long. We create too much havoc, too quickly, when we’re able to go hundreds of years in a lifetime, as the earlier men were able to do. God made this clear, when He said that He would not strive with man forever. Therefore, to slow the effects of diseased souls on the planet, He shortened the lifespan of man. He already started the aging process, as soon as He spoke with Adam, Eve, the serpent, Satan, and all creation. Snakes had legs, and they were removed to show the symbolism of God’s hatred of sin. For God hates sin so much, He even cursed the animal vessel that Satan used to speak to men. I believe it was our Father who limited our physical lives. Remember, He APPOINTS men to die once, but after this, the judgment. Father did imply that it is possible to live forever, physically; hence, He placed the angel at the entrance to the garden and the sword at the tree, to keep the way closed to the tree of life. The food on the tree could preserve our DNA and allow us to continue in a perpetual regeneration of stem cells, by which we would heal rapidly if injured and never age as well. Father said that men would live ‘forever’, if we were to eat of this tree. It was a very potent fruit, whatever it was. You see God’s issue? He would have a planet with unbelieving, spiritually dead, physically alive men running around, and the believing righteous would have to deal with that difficulty on a grander scale. The days of Noah came quickly, and God pressed ‘reset’ once already. Death couldn’t come quickly enough to stop evil from ravaging the planet in Noah’s day, so after the flood, what did Father do? He shortened the lives of men from what they already were. 700-900 years turned into 400-600, then God brought it down to 80! Then, He said that man would only live that long by means of a righteous life! He wasn’t playing.

    I hope that I have served in some way to answer your question, giving some tidbits here and there to fill out the image of it all, in your mind’s eye.

    Cordially yours,


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