11-My kundalini experience

All of my “spiritual discipline” and intense mystic practices culminated a few years ago into a very powerful experience that is best described as a “Kundalini experience”. This would have been the point of no return and the end of me if it hadn’t been for the protection of my Lord. As I am writing this, it is bringing tears to my eyes because, once again, the Lord protected me from destruction.

Kundalini energy is described as being our vital life force, the universal energy animating our being. This is a monumental lie. God alone is the source of our being and His mighty energy is our life force. Kundalini is also typically described as a powerful energy source lying dormant in the form of a coiled serpent at the base of the human spine.

This image of a “coiled serpent” alone should raise some serious suspicions as to the real nature of what is involved here. Chinese worship of ‘the dragon’, and Egyptian/Hindu/Buddhist worship of ‘the cobra’ (called ‘Naga’) are reptilian forms which Lucifer takes on. And the great dragon was cast down, the old serpent, he that is called the Devil and Satan, the deceiver of the whole world; he was cast down to the earth, and his angels were cast down with him. Revelation 12:9

When this energy is activated through various practices, there is a tremendous power rush moving up the spine that is call a Kundalini energy rush. Hindus believed the Kundalini is a feminine energy, which is an aspect of Shakti, the goddess and consort of Shiva. (Shiva is often portrayed with a Cobra snake around his head and neck). From this belief, we clearly see the Kundalini is depicted as an entity, a force that moves-in and takes-over the human body.

The bio-energetic phenomena of Kundalini is a form of psychic paranormal energy. It is very real and is accompanied with intense physical manifestations. I believe this to be the power of Lucifer moving in and through the body. Initiation of Kundalini activity by a guru is called shaktipat, and the transfer usually happens when the guru touches the head of the disciple. The fire of Kundalini awakening can be felt and experienced in as many ways as there are people, but it is always shattering and can be very dangerous. I felt this powerful energy rush moving in my body like an explosive force.

Kundalini is the energy of Lucifer. To believe Kundalini is the energy foundation of our being, the primal life force moving our body is to believe Lucifer is our creator.

There is no such a thing as a serpent coiled at the base of the human spine. This representation obviously serve the purpose of convincing people their anatomy is designed to accommodate a counterfeit spiritual union. That merging is not with God but with the master of this fallen world.

I know of people who have been physically damaged and who have become permanently disabled, some with brain and nerve damage, never recovering after a Kundalini experience. Practices such as Kundalini yoga, involving intense breathing exercises and specific yoga postures, are designed to open the Kundalini fire. Arousal of kundalini can result in insanity, awakened dark occult powers and paranormal psychic energy.

World renowned guru Swami Muktananda in relating his own kundalini experience, admitted feeling nearly insane : “My mind seemed deluded…I felt I would soon become insane…”

In the most extreme case, people such as many Indian Gurus, enter a profoundly altered state of consciousness where all sense of individuality is lost and a feeling of “universal oneness” prevails. This the one experience every New Ager, mystic and Eastern disciple of gurus wants and desires. It is call Samadhi or Nirvana, which is a state of ecstatic rapture. Not all is well, however, with this so-called blissful rapture.

What people don’t know is that, once you have gone beyond the veil into what I believe is the “Second Heaven”, you never return from such a “trip” alone! The Second Heaven (also called the astral plane in New-Age terminology,) is the residing place of legions of demons. People return “changed” and they think it is because they had “an enlightenment experience”. Wouldn’t you think that meeting “god” is a life changing event?

In reality, what is being experienced “out there” is a counterfeit Luciferian Kingdom that feels and looks very much like Heaven. How do we know this is not the real thing, the Third Heaven of the Bible, the True Kingdom of God? We don’t know! That is why most people are fooled and think it is the real thing but they come back on earth, the first Heaven, with many dark entities attached to them.

During the time leading up to my Kundalini experience I had a very rigorous ascetic lifestyle. I was living like a hermit in a little cabin on a mountain surrounded by the Los Padres National Forest, overlooking the Ojai valley in California. My diet was almost all raw organic vegetarian food and I had been conserving my sexual energy for the past year. I was celibate and I had been recovering from a very painful break-up with a woman I loved dearly.

I was sleeping outside every night and walked barefoot in the surrounding hills. I was drinking a gallon of pure water every day as well as ¾ litre of pure green juice made of wild edibles, plants and vegetables. My body was so charged-up with energy that I would often see sparks coming out of my fingers when I touched my car. I felt very sensitive and was avoiding people as much as possible.

I would spend many hours in quiet contemplation, feeling I had never before been so detached from the world. I felt surely I must be close to Enlightenment! And, indeed, I was poised at the doorway of another world, ready to unveil the mysteries….

The Kundalini was rising and my own experience was very intense and sudden. It came without warning as I was sitting in meditation. It felt like a lightning bolt of energy permeating my all being but, more specifically, going up my spine and shooting-up at the speed of light, like a rocket going through the top of my head. I felt an explosion in my brain, an intense white light and a powerful rush upward that was taking me out of my body into another place, another world. I was suspicious and I asked myself, where is this place I am going? Do I really want to let myself go there? Is it the Cosmos? The Nothingness? The Void? The Kingdom of God?

The whole experience only lasted a few seconds or possibly even just a split-second before I blocked it and refused to let myself go. I was so afraid to leave my body behind, not being able to come back into it, and finding myself somewhere else for sure, but where? I felt so strongly if I went I would surely die.

I remembered stories of people leaving their body consciously and dying, not being able to come back because they could not find their way back, or they had been convinced they were in Paradise and there was no need to bother coming back. I was devastated, how could I block such an amazing experience that most mystics would just almost die to have (pun intended)? How could I not go along on a journey that I thought would take me face-to-face with God, an experience I have wanted, worked for and desired all my life?

I felt, surely I am such a spiritual fool…!!!”

Because I could remember the energetic pathway in my body like an imprint, I could recreate the experience at will when seated in meditation. I prayed and asked for protection, aware that I was playing in dangerous waters. I didn’t know at that time how many sharks were waiting for me to dive. So I tried again and again to “go with the flow”, to use a typical New-Age expression, but every time I blocked it. The same experience happened but I just couldn’t bring myself to go. Thank God!

The last time I had this happen I was sitting on a beach in Big Sur, California with a friend. We were watching the sunset, all was peaceful and I closed my eyes for a second when suddenly a shift happened in my brain, like a switch being turned on. There was no energy going up the spine, no warning sign of any kind, just a sudden explosion in my brain with the rush upward and the opening of a doorway at the top of my head into another world. For the last time I blocked it and refused to leave. It never happened again because I closed that door permanently.

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4 Responses to 11-My kundalini experience

  1. Dimple says:

    Phew! Wow! PRAISE GOD!

  2. scaggs1984@yahoo.com says:

    I had many kundalini experiences as well. Very intense classic cases. I would even see the “silver energy” coming like a fountain out of the top of my head. After going through hell for quite some time I realized I was possessed, in a serious way by many demons. That is how they made me see and experience these things. My conclusion: the whole thing is fabricated. It is not real. Spirits are making you feel these sensations for whatever reason.

    I applaud you for not allowing it. However, you may not have gone as far as you needed to denounce it. It took me quite some time to get rid of them and they will lay low and hide if allowed.

  3. rebelsprite says:

    Again, thank you for this post! I have only done very basic yoga, with the idea that I couldn’t possibly be in danger of these types of things – but my worry was that it could even happen accidentally. As seen in another article you have here, it is enough for me to see that even the poses intended for worship of Hindu gods is enough reason for me to stop – but this account is very eye-opening as well!

    I met a man whose brother began experiencing astral travel. A long umbilical cord of sorts would connect him back to his physical body. He said at first it was just fun – then he quickly met a “spirit being” during one of these trips. That spirit introduced itself as a guide for his astral travels, and it seemed like a good thing – only soon it seemed this spirit would be immediately present as soon as the man left his body – and he wasn’t comfortable with that. One of the times that he was traveling like this, out of his body, he was shocked and horrified to see little black spirits gnawing on the cord connecting him to his body! He jolted himself back – but now he had a new problem, any time that he fell asleep he was immediately in the presence of this “spirit guide” and going into astral travel – he couldn’t stop it. So he stayed awake for 3 days straight and told his friend, who told him to call on the name of Jesus to cast away the “spirit guide” and stop this astral travel practice. And he did!

  4. cosmicgirl says:

    In desperation to discover some hope for recovery I comb the internet for other people’s experiences. It’s relieving to read that you thwarted full kundalini destruction. I however did not. I did not understand fully what was happening and yet I had a baseline understanding which should have informed me in time but did not. I simply was formulating the questions wrongly to the wrong people besides I believed if there was Qi, and such a strong Qi, follow it—I had never been wrong before. It was shakti and that I didn’t know. I didn’t imagine I had developed my sensitivity to such a degree just as any person who was “pu” would believe. I experienced neurological and brain trauma and have “lived” (just barely) for the past five years with both. I made an intense study from my own personally experiences and how the trigeminal nerve plays an extraordinary role in kundalini awakening and damage. This cranial nerve regulates states of consciousness. Stressors, pain, and desire activate the nerve’s parasympathetic and sympathetic responses to the amygdala, hippocampus, and limbic. i had seizures. I didn’t REM sleep for possibly ten months, maybe only six.
    That’s enough.

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