13- The dark vortexes of Chakras

Chakras are a tragic example of mass collective hypnosis. I used to be in my work as a massage therapist very involved  with the concept of chakra. The word ‘chakra’ is derived from a Sanskrit word meaning ‘wheel’ and is described as being a spinning vortex of energy moving inward from outside the front of the body.

It is believed this energy vortex travels towards the center point of that chakra inside the body on the centerline of the spine and is spinning outward from that same point from your back. People believe chakras  draws higher frequency vibrations from the spiritual realms  and transmute them into vibrations utilizable by the physical body.

Despite much variation in the number and exact location of each chakra, most people agree there are seven of them aligned along the spinal column, in a vertical line from the base of the spine to the top of the head. Each Chakra is a “virtual world” unto itself, created to give the impression it is real. It has a presiding deity, is represented by a certain animal, has a specific sound made up of sanskrit letters, an element, a colour, a specific number of lotus petal and a level of consciousness.

Alice Bailey’s teaching on “Planetary centers” are a representation of the chakras doctrine of the human body. Her teachings leads you to embrace the concept that each chakra is a Logos unto itself.  This “divinity” has dominion over an area of the earth, as well as a specific center in the human body. Of course the Logos here is another name for Lucifer and his legions.

The goal of this complex ancient satanic doctrine is to open sensitive critical areas of the body for free entrance to a vast multitude of demons. The seven Chakras are called “ energy centers”, each representing a stage, a relay for the ascension of the Kundalini spirit. Essentially the Hindu chakra system is a deception teaching us a visualization permitting the entrance of unknown energy into our bodies. The tragedy is, we are consciously, willingly opening ourselves through visualization and belief system to demonic forces.

The fact that some people are able to clairvoyantly see chakras is no proof of their existence. We will see later in the next chapter, that psychic related abilities are govern by dark forces. It is revealing that there is, according to a little known yogic school of thought, the belief that Chakras are formed during concentration and meditation. In other words they are created with the power of the mind.

I believe Chakra are not real at all, they don’t exist outside our imagination and they are yet another demonic devise to activate the kundalini in the body. Here is a quote of an author on chakra “I describe chakras as organizational centers for the reception, assimilation, and transmission of life energy”. We are invited to receive, assimilate and transmit death energy into our being. Esoteric language always twist and reverse the truth, black is white and dark is light.

The devil knows human anatomy. The physical location corresponding each chakra has been carefully chosen. Each center is a highly sensitive area of the body. It is the place of a major endocrine gland and a major nerve plexus. A nerve plexus is a complex network of intersecting nerves, arteries, veins and ganglia that control internal organs. Any outside interference focus on these strategic points will have dramatic physiological impact on the hormonal system and the nervous system , thus affecting our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being.

I know this to be true from my own experience. I used to direct energy from my hands into “the chakras” of my clients and witness on my massage table many physiological responses of the nervous system such as jerking and shaking as well as more subtle changes in the person due to the stimulation of the hormonal system such as mood swing, crying, laughing and temperature variation.

These responses convinced me of the reality of chakras but the physiological effect is triggered not because we are working on an imaginary chakra but because we are touching a very sensitive nerve plexus and a primary hormonal gland. I am convinced the micro-world of each Chakra with its “presiding deity” is the domain of a highly specialized demon.

When a chakra is created in the mind, that specific part of the body falls under the influence of that spirit. For example if the second chakra representing the sacrum plexus and the sexual glands is activated from a visualization, a point of entrance, an energy portal is created for a demonic spirit to move in. The victim of such invasion is attacked with temptation of sexual perversion and lust and becomes prone to diseases and imbalance of the genito-urinary system.

When we visualize “spinning vortex of energy” shaped like a funnel moving from outside of ourselves into these most delicate parts of our anatomies, we are impacting our body and submitting our spirit in dramatic ways.

The true purpose of chakras visualization is the channeling of demonic darkness into our being and the invitation of the kundalini serpent to freely enter our physical body.

Visualization and hypnosis are tools darkness use to enslave people. When your belief in chakras is strong enough you are creating doorways in your body inviting a demon for each of the 7 chakras to attach themselves to your biology. Each of these 7 attachment point are highly sensitive critical area of the body. They are the place of nerve plexus, endocrine glands and organs. This is why people are convinced chakras are real. They can feel them in their body but what they are feeling is the disturbance created by the demons attached to them. Nobody knows what the resurrected eternal body will look like but I can tell you for sure, there will be no chakras attached to them….!

The description of the seven physical areas assumed to be the physical location where chakras attached on the spinal anatomical locations are as follow :

1- The coccygeal plexus physically located at the base of the spine is associated with the genito-urinary system.

2- The sacral plexus, situated in the lower abdomen is related with sexuality and also the genito-urinary system, adrenal glands, the large and small intestines and the appendix.

3- The solar plexus governs metabolic energy of the major digestive-purification organs, the pancreas and the lumbar vertebrae.                                                      

4- The cardiac plexus located over the physical heart is associated with the circulatory system, the sternum and the thymus gland.                                                          

5- The pharyngeal plexus in the throat area controls the thyroid gland and connect with the Cervical Ganglia and the Medulla.                                                                   

6- The hypothalamus center situated in the center of the forehead, is the location of the pituitary, and the Autonomic Nervous System.                                          

7- The carotid plexus at the crown of the head with the Cerebral Cortex and the Pineal Gland controls every aspect of body and mind, and is associated with the control of the Central Nervous System.          

All the functions of the body, nervous, digestive, circulatory, respiratory, genito-urinary and all other systems of the body are under the control of these centres of vital energy.

In Hindu occult practice which is the main root of the New Age Movement these seven major centers are various gradual stages for the kundalini energy to take over the body. Initiates seek to awaken the sleeping fiery serpent using meditation, drugs, visualization, yoga and whatever means necessary, for a “higher” state of consciousness.

This kundalini energy is visualized as an entwined serpent which rises from the base of the spine to “enlighten” and eventually dissolve the ego for the purpose of becoming a god incarnate, thereby preventing further incarnation on the physical plane.

The goal and the techniques vary, but as one “ascends” through the 7 progressive chakras, each is an initiation unto a higher consciousness, until finally when you reach the point of union with “Sanat (Satan) Kumara”, “Shiva”, “Vishnu”, “Lord of the World” or what they most blasphemously call the “Christ Consciousness”.

Satan’s deception is that through each successive chakra the occult initiate actually does perceive a shift in consciousness, which to him it seems, is a progressive shift. The spiritual seeker now feels his clairvoyance and psychic telepathy with the demonic Hierarchy getting stronger.

As he continues, the initiate invariably reaches a point of no return.  In the final stage once the dissolution of the ego has been reached, there is no turning back. The lost of the ability to discriminate good from evil is severely impaired. This is called the Luciferic Initiation. Of course God always have the power to save and redeem such a lost soul from the pit of darkness. 

Incline thine ear, and hear the words of the wise, And apply thy heart unto my knowledge.

For it is a pleasant thing if thou keep them within thee, If they be established together upon thy lips. That thy trust may be in Jehovah, I have made them known to thee this day, even to thee.

Have not I written unto thee excellent things Of counsels and knowledge, To make thee know the certainty of the words of truth, That thou mayest carry back words of truth to them that send thee?

Proverbs 22:17-21

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21 Responses to 13- The dark vortexes of Chakras

  1. Praise God !!! Thank you for that true reality check confirmation :o)

  2. scaggs1984@yahoo.com says:

    This statement above was given by me and is totally false. God did not give me the ability to see these things. Demons gave me the ability to see these things. And these things I dont think are even real. I apologize for spreading lies and deception, but this is a great example of how the enemy deceives us and makes it so real. I now realize that I was at the time of the above comment, possessed by many demons who were toying with me, giving me psychic ability and also lots of health problems.

    I want to stress that the only things that helped me was commanding them away in the name of Jesus. This was an on going rebuking that lasted several months and was the most difficult thing I have ever endured. I want others to know that there is hope but you mus be diligent in your prayer to overcome these types of things

    • pilgrim777 says:

      This was the statement referred to in the above comment by scaggs1984@yahoo.com
      “You are on the right track, except they are very real. God gave me the ability to see these things so that they may be exposed for what they are. Their purpose is demonic indeed. They have been implanted in our body and I see very clearly how it has been done. It is to keep us from the design God has made for us. When we are in our divine template, which is being blocked from us, evil will not exist on our planet because everyone will have the light of God flowing through them.”

  3. xapa21 says:

    You are absolutely correct. I experienced every single thing you described and more. Only the power of the Holy Spirit and the blood of Jesus Christ has saved me from the most gripping, dark, terrifying chains that held me in bondage and utter fear.

    Thank you for sharing.

  4. Sam says:

    I have never heard Charkas explained so poignantly. I am so glad you have revealed darkness for what it is. PRAISE GOD!!!

  5. brad says:

    We need to get this to everybody as soon as possible. I am seeing this problem everywhere now; it’s almost like a final wave of deception before the end.

  6. matt says:

    Hello, do you believe techno music is strongly connected to chakras and this kandalini stuff? I have little knowledge w/ all this; but am concerned for my 19 year old son who enjoys techno music as a pretty serious hobby, is in danger. If you believe in this connection and will advise me, then i’d be grateful for your help. thanks. inspireprogress0704

    • pilgrim777 says:

      I do believe there is concern for your son depending on how heavily he is involved with the music scene.
      The music industry as well as Hollywood is controlled by darkness and the lyrics of so many songs are very often open worship to the Devil. Heavy metal, rape music, techno, gothic…etc are all expression of that same worship.
      The repetitive hypnotic rhythms are designed to bring people in altered state and thereby make them open and vulnerable to demonic invasion.
      Much like voodoo they use repetitive drum beat to alter your conscious mind and pass on satanic subliminal messages. Have you ever witness one of those rave/disco/party scene where alcohol and maddening drum beats induce a crowd full of people in trance? this is pure darkness where the doors of Hell are wide open.
      Young people are very vulnerable to this form of insidious control and are easy target to be used as pawn to carry and spread darkness. They think it is cool to be a part of the trendy crowd dressing in costumes, pierced and tattooed all over and parading the black and red colours of the anti-christ.
      There is more than just listening to the music, it is a culture….a way of life , a religious belief. Notice how you find the word “cult” in culture.
      Young people are like sponge, they absorb it all until they reach a place where they have to act it up and do something crazy…..one extreme example of this is when a young person loose any sanity take a gun and start killing people around them….The darkness do eventually possess completely and take over the mind.
      Usually it is not so obvious and dramatic and it takes a long time to get to a point of no return but watch your son very closely and make him aware of the satanic agenda to control minds…..

      God bless and protect your son

      • Cheyenne says:

        It’s so true. Before I was saved I was a drug user and dub-step and trance were my choices of music while on psychedelics. It is the best music to alter your reality and like pilgrim777 said invite devil worship. That’s why dub-step consists usually of one phrase that is typically evil and negative. And the artist is a very relaxing female voice or sounding like an authoritative figure.
        Now that I know what life really means being in Christ and walking in love; being of sober mind and spirit I reflect back on those times and the devil slowly worked his way into my reality. My (old) friends starting talking about satan and seeing satan during their ‘trips.’ I grew up believing in nothing. So I became a sponge to this. Experimenting in religion. It only took one week of actively questioning spirit realm, seeing demonic presences and a near death experience with bath salts to realize Jesus is the only true person that could save me from the soul sucking devil.

        God deserves all of our souls! He’s loving enough to choose to keep me, and you!

  7. I am trying to get free now of spiritual phenomena of “empathy”, “mediumship” and a “twin flame”. There is no spirit like Yahweh and Jesus Christ. I am so thankful that God has been merciful enough to show me the bondage I have been living in. Yes, I have also paid the price of massive depression, chronic illness, broken relationships, isolation, etc. Thank you for posting the truth on this website. I was reluctant to stop seeking energy healing, but your testimony confirmed for me that this is not the method of healing God desires for me. It’s counter-productive! I’m just opening myself up to more garbage. Thanks for getting that through my thick skull. 🙂

  8. Sophia Kristus says:

    Answers that i seek for many years, finally come to light.

  9. Nurse says:

    I am a registered nurse who has become disheartened by what today’s medical world has become. I have been in search of a better, more loving, Christian way of healing. After completing level 1 healing touch course, I’ve started seeing this may not be Christian at all. In fact, its been said to be demonic?? Is there any truth to this? If so, is there a true Christian healing touch program out there?

    • pilgrim777 says:

      Greeting dear nurse
      Regarding your question about a healing modality for Christian, the only one I can recommend is laying on of hands with prayers.
      I still do massage sometime and I lay hands on people and send my own energy with prayers, I do not open myself up to “spirit” out there or become a channel for energies outside of myself. If this is what “healing touch” is promoting and teaching then yes it is demonic. People don’t understand that the dark do have the power to heal but with strings attached……meaning the price you have to pay is selling your soul to the devil.
      I suggest you simply lay your hands on people and pray out loud if possible or just pray silently……you can share that the only true healer is Jesus and if they are open to receive from Him then you can lead them into prayers asking Him for healing. If I was a nurse dear one, i would do this, just laying on your hands, pray with faith and knowing Jesus do heal and answer prayers and know He will grant your prayers and witness the miracle unfolding…….!!!!
      Alelluia……no need for any healing technic ……Jesus is IT….!!!
      Please read chapter 26 on Healing and Miracle
      Blessings to you dear

  10. Cheyenne says:


    Praise God!!

    I actually saw someone trying to say the 7 churches in revelations are the representations of the chakras. All I can say is Jesus come back soon!
    Thank you so much for revealing this to many. The devil can trick anybody with these philosophies.

    When I think about chakras I think about Colossians 2:8 “See to it that no one takes you captive through philosophy and empty deception, according to the tradition of men, according to the elementary principles of the world, rather than according to Christ.” (Colossians 2:8 NASB)

    I read about how you are told to actively envision things in order to be successful in opening gateways into your soul from the “universe!” Yikes!
    The devil walks this earth and from experience (personal encounter) there are demons walking this universe ready to enter any physical body that does not have a soul occupying it that’s saved by the blood of Jesus.

    Don’t fall for the chakra business.

  11. resiliency84 says:

    Thank you so much for this information and the TRUTH. I’d began to question whether this was real, reading much material about this and it almost had me. Although I hadn’t actively practiced activating these so called centers, just reading and feeding my spirit with this mess brought me the most horrifying dreams ever. Needless to say I repented and prayed for anything that came to me to leave. Thanks so much for this truth. May many people be freed by this information.

  12. slewis1 says:

    Hi from Sharon. I am a born again Christian. I had a friend who was heavily into the New Age teachings. He believed in these chakras. I don’t know a lot about the new age teachings. I just know that they are of Satan. My friend went to commit suicide back in November 15th. I tried to witness to him for 4 years, but he never accepted the truth of the Gospel. I am afraid that he will not be with Jesus Christ in eternity.

  13. Bernard Smith says:

    This makes 100% sense to me now. I was getting heavily into new age movement through meditation and researching the teachings of Eckart Tolle. It was basically all about living in the present moment and diminishing one’s ego. I had a conscious shift as they call it whilst meditating beside a river. It was kind of like a feeling of something jumping into me.
    The following few days felt extremely peaceful but there was something that didn’t sit right with me as this new me felt like I was only half involved. In other words something was becoming me that wasn’t me. Very hard to understand I guess unless you’ve gone through it yourself. I felt like I was being convinced to leave my family and that my life would be better off without them. Other visions didn’t feel quite right as well. Like I was being convinced that this new me would be extremely intuitive where I could become a better musician and see into people’s future and more.

    And no I didn’t take any drugs this was just from this particular meditation experience. Some people may also describe this experience as opening the 3rd eye. I’m still not exactly sure but it was definitely unique to any other experience in my life.
    I started to challenge this new me and all of a sudden this evil spirit within me became extremely angry when I mentioned Jesus Christ. Any way in short the next week or so was terrifying to say the least but thank God that I new some Christians and I have been led to Jesus who was the only one who could save me. I now know without any doubt that God is real and Jesus died on the cross for our sins. I wanted to believe that the bible is all nonsense and had little respect for Christians prior to this experience.

    • K Ashaunti says:

      Yes I was heavily involved in this new age spirituality stuff. I would try to learn more about it everyday. This included the supposed chakra healings, the law of attraction, kudalini, yoga practices all of this cynical stuff that didn’t sit right in my heart. I had to get away from it and now my faith in God is stronger then ever before. I can see myself ministering to people now in the near future where they can learn about OUR SAVIOR. WE HAVE TO BRING TRUE KNOWLEDGE TO PEOPLE TODAY TEACHING THEM ABOUT JESUS CHRIST AND GODS LOVE FOR HIS PEOPLE. JESUS SAVED ME TWICE. I was possessed by these evil spirits twice. THIS EXPERIENCE IS NO JOKE. And to let everyone know yes HELL IS REAL. We must be saved and there is only ONE ALMIGHTY GOD WHO COULD HELP YOU. We are here to live his purpose. I’m closely getting to understand what we are here on earth to do. Spread the message about this to everyone you know let them know the power of GOD and the deception of Satan. WE CAN NO LONGER KEEP QUIET AS GODS CHILDREN!!!! If you have any questions and concerns and need to seek help contact trucker305@gmail.com I’m here to help

  14. Eeyew, this was hard to read. Freaky stuff. I used to practice the occult and am now against it, and Christ has delivered me from it. But I still have to command voices away that I hear while trying to fall asleep, and I still have nightmares at times that God wakes me up from so I can command the demons away. I wish I didn’t even have to deal with that any more, but it is what it is I guess. On a random note, sometimes it seems that drinking coffee worsens those phenomena during sleep. I wonder if that’s just because I used to drink like 2 cups a day whenever I was going through traumatic spiritual experiences and maybe my brain associates the two and it’s like a PTSD trigger. Or I wonder if coffee could be a PTSD trigger on its own because of its property to increase alertness and anxiety. Perhaps I’ll never know!

  15. June says:

    Thank you all so much for the writings. I have been a born again christain many years and my christain friend introduced me to the chakras 3years ago. I became involved with all the teachings of Christ Consciousness. I was told I needed to come into the new wine of the spirit and even though I did not feel right I went along with my friends advise as I trusted he loved The Lord Jesus.
    I became very ill and wanted to die and knew the spirit of death was on me. I was miserable and God showed me a vision of me lying on the floor for months in repentance. I had become clairvoyant and knew this to be an abomination to God.Another friend prayed for me and I was healed and yet another told me she had been praying for me to leave my Christ Consciousness friend for a long time and had the church pray for me as well. I ended up on my floor in so much repentance for months as I had seen in my vision
    I could not feel any sensation anymore concerning chakras and God revealed his anointing within me again and I knew the Chakras must have been demonic . then just after 0300hrs I felt to get up and search if they were satanic and read this from all you guys. Thank you so much for the confirmation. The truth is that I was not in the word as much as I used to be for a few years that is why I was deceived Now I’m back in Gods word everyday and that is the only way we can live by. Jesus is Lord

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